THE HOLIDAYS: With Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas and Hannukah are not far behind. If you haven't done it before, now is a perfect time to have something 'Custom-created' for those special people on your Gift List.. The process is really quite fun AND, unlike picking something out of a showcase, you get to have a piece of fine jewelry made just like you want it! Unlike many Designers who have a particular 'style' that they have centered all of their designs around, we will work with you to create along whatever ideas you may have - Antique, Medievel, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Minimalist, Organic, whatever strikes your fancy! We also offer any and all types of Gems from Amethyst to Diamond to Zircon, for either a monochromatic look or a melange of color. Along with your choice of a singlePrecious Metal or a combination, we will work together to co-create something delightful that will be enjoyed for years to come. Be sure to take a look at our Portfolio pages to get an mini-view of what we have done for other clients in over 39 years of business.
PLUS............if you want "stocking-stuffers" we have an excellent selection of ready-made pieces, many exclusive to Anjevine Custom Jewelry that are ready to be boxed up and taken home!
 We can be your "go to' store for fun gifts away from the "maddening crowds"!!!


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