With Precious Metals at all-time highs, I wanted to "re-mention" a few of our Special Services: At present, an Appraisal that is only 3 years old can be undervalued. Be sure to check any you have for accuracy OR if you DON'T have Appraisals, realize that they are a fraction of the cost compared to having to replace a piece out-of-pocket! Secondly, if you're looking for Fine Diamonds or Precious Colored Gems of excellent Quality and Price, check with us! We have a varied selection on hand as well as availability of just about any Gem in any Size and Shape out there. PLUS if you're looking for something quite unusual that won't take a bite out of your wallet, be sure to check out our in-house created "Anjevite Gem". It has all of the brilliance and even some of the rarity of a colored diamond without the pricetag!
Autumn Engagements and Weddings are on the upswing due to less competition for reservations, sites, etc., Plus Anniversaries and Birthdays are year round events that should be Celebrated with Heart-felt Joy. With Special Occasions such as these, why not give a gift of fine jewelry that is just as one-of-a-kind and unique as the recipient! Our SPECIALTY is working closely with you using your desires as to precious metals and gems used so that you really CAN have your jewelry fit your particular taste and lifestyle! PLUS! Please COME BY AND SEE our wonderfully unique selection of ready-made jewelry pieces, many designs EXCLUSIVE to us!
What is your favorite color? What colors do you like to wear?..............Here at Anjevine, we like to think outside the box! There are SO MANY exciting colored gems out there besides the standard Red, White, Blue and Green....colors like Cinnamon and Peach or maybe, Lotus, Champagne Blush and Cognac. Let us show you the WORLD of GEMS through OUR Eyes!

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