THE GEM FOR THE MONTH OF MAY is EMERALD: KNown for its incredible luscious Green,it is known to be a gem of foresight, good fortune and youth.  It is part of a family of crystals called Beryls of which Aquamarine is a part. Colors range from pale to intense "Summer" green and is cut in all shapes and sizes with the "emerald-cut" being the most known. As the crystal itself has 'fracture planes, it is common for Emeralds to be 'boiled in oil' to reduce the visability of these fractures. Unfortunately, it does not really strengthen the stone so durability is poor for wearing in jewelry such as rings that can be often smacked agains hard surfaces. As their rarity has increased, especially in the clearer, finer quality gems, the price has risen as well. Fortunately, there are Laboritories who have developed processes where Emeralds can be grown under perfect conditions allowing for fractures to be reduced to the absolute minimum. Many of these 'grown' gems are IDENTICAL to mined Emeralds both physically and chemically but at a much lower cost than mined gems. Here at Anjevine Ltd.  we offer both varieties in just about any color shade and shape you desire! If you're a "May Baby", please feel free to contact us concerning your desires and we will work with you to co-create a piece of  Emerald jewelry based upon your desires!

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