We are  fully aware of the "higher-than-normal" prices of ALL Precious Metals! Witha the rapid increase it has been hard for many to 'wrap their heads around' what this can mean for the Jewelry Market. Many Manufacturers simply go for "thinner and lighter' attitude and let the consumer deal with wearability issues simply telling them that they must honor their 'check in every three months' clause or lose their warranty. I have had people bring in their rings from "big box stores" that are losing stones only after 4 months  and they  had lost their warranty because they did anaot bring the rings in at the proper time! 
WE are taking a different approach: As we do custom pieces only, we aspire to build each piece to be as durable as possible while reducing weight in non-structural areas. Yes, we ask each customer to be aware of what they are doing while wearing their jewelry as well as being diligent with their "check-ins" but we will not "turn them away" just because they didn't come in within a specific time-period.
As we have always done, we will do everything possible to use "RECYCLED PRECIOUS METAL PRODUCTS"  as well as any other product that is recycled or can be recycled - such as Gift Boxes, and the like.


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