As I have begun to get emails asking for estimates on various jewelry pieces, I thought that I'd give you some idea of how we give a fair and honest estimate for creating your jewelry ideas into Reality:
  1. As with any  kind of job estimate, be it a new paint-job for your car or replacing windows in your home, the more information we get from you, the more accurate your Estimate will be. Saying that you want us to create a Wedding Set for you in 14K Gold but  giving us no other information is like asking "How much is a car?"  Obviously, we cannot give you ANY idea of cost until we get much more information.
  2.  Just to START we would need:  Rings sizes; Type of Metal; Style/Design you prefer - Modern, Antique, Symmetrical/Asymmetrical, Organic, Industrial, Classic, etc; Gems - types, shapes, numbers, sizes, qualities, colors, mounting style - 4-prong, 6-prong, totally custom; Bezel, Channel, Semi-channel, Gypsy-set, Bead-set, Tension-mount ; Number of rings in the set.
  3.  Then we would have to discuss the process(s) used to create the design you desire - construction, wax carving, CAD-CAM/3D Printed model, custom setting or purchased die-struck stone mounts, or a combination of these(all explained in this website).
  4.  Labor costs to put everything together, casting fees, parts assembly- Solder or Weld, setting the stones you have chosen.  
As you can see, with everything we need, it would be very difficult to give you an Honest and Fair cost estimate even over the internet let alone a phone inquirey. SO.....what we strongly recommend is that you call and make an Appointment to sit down and talk with us face-to-face. We can then talk about your ideas, sketch out possibilities, go over all of your options as to gems, styles, etc. and give you a decent idea of what you could be investing. PLEASE rest assured that we want your experience with us to be fun and 'pressure'!! We love what we do and want to share that with you!:) *******Check our Reviews on Google and Yelp and see what our Clients have to say about working with us!

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