There is an old saying: when given lemons, make lemonade!" Well, on Feb 6th of this year, our "lemons" came in the form of a burglary that removed ALL of our Gemstone and Showcase Inventory! Soooooooooo. Natalie and I decided to restock our showcases with MORE items custom-made BY US:  Natalie is creating a fantastic 'brand' of Jewelry that is BEEutiful! As for ME, I'm touching my Ancestral Roots with Scandinavian and Runic Jewelry that "Empowers You!" As we are now back in the store, we will be showcasing our newest as it becomes ready. ON OTHER NOTES:  We now offer COLORED DIAMONDS AND LAB_CREATED DIAMONDS!! If you haven't seen them in the "'other' colors besides Black and Brown, you owe it to your self to experience these. Few gems equal the brilliance of a Diamond. Now, pair that 'Intensity" with the the 'Colors of Nature' and the results are magnificent!. LAB-CREATED DIAMONDS - If conflict-free AND lower price are big on your list,we now offer Diamonds grown  in the laboratory (see our blurb at the front of this site to learn more.) These ARE Diamonds and not simulants (see our articles on these within this website for more information) ***** ANOTHER FIRST!!!!!!!!! LANNYTE-created Gems. From rich Reds, to luscious Greens to Violets and pure Whites, we now offer some magnificent lab-created gems that rival their natural counterparts at a fraction of the cost per carat. *******After a long absence, we are now carrying the complete line of Mt. St. Helen's Obsidianite Gems. If you love the deep forst green of Emeralds but cannot justify the high cost even for stones with visable flaws, look no further than these beauties. Our Green rivals the $30k price-tag Emeralds at a mere fraction of the cost. PLUS these now come in "Rose - the softest of Pinks and "Twilight" - Sky Blue that changes to other colors depending upon the light source.*****ELEGANCE' - this is a compilation of several new lines focused on the popular "Micr-pave' theme with the look of Platinum and Diamonds and the price-points of Rhodium-plated Sterling and High-grade CZs.*****FREE TRADE - you've seen more and more of these words in the media these days relating to Tea and Coffee. Well, Miners of Gemstones deserve fair wages, safe work conditions, clean living conditions and schooling for their children who often accompany them just do growers and harvester of tea and coffee beans. We are Honored to say that for many years we have done our best to only buy from Gem Dealers who believe in environmentally proper mining procedures and humanitarian concerns for their miners and faceters *** Plus we are updating our "Classics" with new and fresh versions of 'old favorites'. Come by, and see what takes your breath away!

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