You have probably heard of "The 4 C's" when looking at Diamonds: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. But there is another "Fifth C" we have in the Jewelry Business and that is called "Make". This is how well a Diamond is actually cut into whatever shape you are interested in. The properties associated with this important quality are Symmetry, Proportion and Polish. Even a very high Clarity stone can look 'dead' if it has poor symmetry: if it is either cut too thin or too deep. **** BE AWARE!!! Right now, it has been very popular to sell Certified Diamonds at deep discounts, sometimes 40-50% below Wholesale. But this can actually be misleading: even though the Certificate may list a Diamond at a particular quality, it may, in fact, be far lower than listed on the Certificate. That is why the discounts - because the Diamond is, in reality, NOT as good as the Certificate lists it as. Here at Anjevine, we sell Diamonds, NOT "paper". You will get a stone that is Certified with an honest evaluation of its quality at a cost that is honest and fair.**** As to Colored Gems, the above Qualifications apply as well. Treatments and enhancements of Colored Gems have been around for centuries, but with the technologies now in place, gems can be altered in many different ways:  to increase their clarity, deepen their color or even create them 'from scratch' in the Laboratory. Rest assured that we will ALWAYS provide our customers with the highest clarity, best cut gems we can obtain and will always provide Full Disclosure of any treatments or alterations done.

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