In the last few years the words "3D PRINTERS" have been bantered about in all forms of media.  Unlike a standard computer printer, these units create 3-dimensional objects by building them from bottom to top, layer-by-layer, to create all sorts of products from car parts to building materials. Basic units can cost about $2000 for the home hobbiest. JEWELER'S PRINTERS, however, work in very precise incriments creating a model that will be cast into your choice of precious metals and then set with fine gems. This requires not only a very costly machine ($12,000-$130,000) but also a very experienced Designer to make the final model. Some jewelers send your ideas to a "Design House" in another state or country who then create several variations for you to choose from. OUR PROCESS IS more PERSONAL:  We work with several local Designers who are/were accomplished jewelers. This means that their models will be accurate AND functional especially if stone setting is required. PLUS if, need be, you may work directly with them via phone and computer to 'fine-tune' your model to make it both beautiful AND wearable for years to come! So, whatever your desires may be, we can help you to choose the right process to bring your desires into Reality.

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