WHAT IS a "Laboratory-grown" Diamond? You have probably heard or read about Diamonds that are NOT mined but are created out of the same molecules of Carbon using similar conditions as found in Nature. Although this was first done in the late 1950s, technology had to reach a point that it could be done cost effectively. NOW there are companies both in the US and abroad that are actually producing Jewelry-grade Diamonds. What are the advantages of buying a "lab-grown Diamond"?  The proponents of Lab-grown Diamonds state that there are absolutely NO conflicts with them: no illegal funding of terorist groups, no mistreatment of miners and no environmental issues. They are still 'Graded" as are Mined Diamonds but they are generally 30+% less in cost over Mined.  Those who are against Lab-created Diamonds state that the Honest Diamond Companies who treat their workers fairly with good wages and healthcare will be hurt by these created products. WE, AT ANJEVINE, can see both sides of the situation and are therefore offering BOTH types of DIAMONDS:  We offer Diamonds grown in the US by reputable laboratories who stand behind their products as being totally conflict-free and of excellent quality at price-points significantly less than their mined counterparts. AND we offer Mined Diamonds that come ONLY from Legitimate, Conscienscious Mines at very favorable, honest pricing with honest Grading. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

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