This is one of our CAD/CAM Renderings that shows the basic design of the customer's ideas. It is from this computer-generated picture that the resin models will be created by a 3D Printer.
Here is the finished Engagement Ring and Wedding Guard Set in Sapphire and White Gold as originally Computer-rendered on the left. The Rings are set slightly askew in the picture to better show them individually, but they are worn as the rendering shows.Here is a Koroite Opal Pendent (also known as Ironstone Opal) in 14K Yellow Gold with emerald green Chrome Diopside accents.
Our customer wanted an Engagement Ring that would be TOTALLY we "Haloed" a 1.25c Raw Diamond with 12 Round Brilliant Diamonds just for her. A "Halo" Ring unlike any others!An Engagement Ring containing a single Dark Sapphire set in 14K White Gold using a modified Channel. Simplicity and clean lines like the client desired. (The dark areas on each side are only shodows.)A Client's request: a  Palm Tree Pendent set with Diamonds in 14K White Gold... a fun piece for his favorite lady who loved everything "Palm-ey".

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