You may have been reading about or even been introduced to a new Jewelry Design Technology called "CAD-CAM Modeling". In a nutshell - once a design is chosen from paper sketches, a 3D rendering will be created showing how your design will look when finished. Once approved, that rendering is sent to a machine that creates the model that will be cast in the precious metal of your choice. The strong point of this process is the high precision and detail. The weak point is what you see in the rendering is what you get. If you find that once you see the physical model, you desire to make alterations, you must start the process over - usually at added expense. If you like the absolute accuracy of this process, we can certainly work with you to create a model using this avenue. IF, however, you like the more 'hands-on/Artistic' approach, we offer what we call "The Final Touch Program": Once a design is agreed upon on paper, we hand-carve the 3D model to a 'not-quite-final' stage. At this point you come in and we finish the model with your direct input right in front of you! That way you have the 'final say' as to how it will look and how it will feel before it is caste into the precious metal of your choice. Alterations are part of the process! The third path to creating a piece of jewelry for you is the time-honored process of creating it directly in the precious metal using forming, bending and welding. Unlike the other two, this procedure is limited to some degree by the metal shapes available and there may be a number of 'checkpoints' along the way so that we are both on the "same page" as to what the final product will look like. We are always looking to advance our techniques and flow with the times. And yet, we also know the value of 'time-honored procedures' that give Art its warmth and heart. The CHOICE is yours!!!

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