People have been fascinated by 'sparkles' since they began to adorn themselves with ornaments and colors. Diamonds have been a favorite for hundreds of years but have always been rare and therefore exclusive for the 'rich and famous'. So, when jewelry became fashionable for more people, Rhinestones came into vogue. Initially these were cut crystals found on the Rhine River in Germany, hence the name. However, since the 19th Century, these have been replaced with glass and even acrylic. Now, within the last 70 years or so there has been an 'explosion' of c gems used to 'simulate' Diamonds Here is a listing of some gems and lab-created gems that are NOT Diamonds but are used to 'sparkle' like them:
  • WHITE SAPPHIRE - a genuine stone that has also been lab-grown and when faceted has a 'decent' amount of sparkle and is much harder than your Crystal or Glass Rhinestones
  • LEADED CRYSTAL - is basically  lab-grown 'glass' heavily used in better quality Costume Jewelry in brands like Eisenberg Ice" from the 1930s
  • CUBIC ZIRCONIA - a lab-created stone with high RI (Refractive Index=sparkle) that still stands as one of the best 'simulants' on the Market. NOT to be confused with the Natural Zircon gem.
  • MOISSANITE - thought to be originally from a meteor, this now lab-created stone has been heavily manipulated to remove the original green tint in order to produce a gem that is almost as hard as a Diamond and actually has a higher RI than Diamond. Charles and Colvard owned the patent for this stone for 20 years, now that that patent has 'run out', many labs all over the world are now growing it and the prices have dropped accordingly. It is quite a bit higher in price compared to those listed above but its appearance makes it a 'go-to' choice for many consumers who want a true "Diamond look' without the cost. CAUTION: Moissanite will test out 'as a Diamond' on the standard Thermal testers and must be checked with a 'Moissanite Tester" to authenticate its composition.

As with so many products, there are many other 'knock-off hybrids' like Diamond-coated Cubic Zirconia and other 'gimmick' stones out there that are sold on the internet. Their adverts are beautifully created.....but tell you nothing about what they offer. PLEASE beware of such misleading advertising especially when they use the word "Diamond". Know what you are buying!
  • THAT IS WHY here at Anjevine Ltd. we give full disclosure as to whatever gemstone you purchase be it Natural or Lab-Created. Thanks for taking the time read this. We believe the more you know, the better choices you'll make when it comes to the Jewelry you purchase for yourself or for someone you care about.

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