FINE DIAMONDS - Having over 40 years in the business, I am happy to say that the new Diamonds I offer are "conflict-free". (The rare case is when a particular gem is found that has been previously owned. Then the likelihood of an "origin trail" is much less.)
FINE COLORED GEMS - My Suppliers are all Respectable businesses who do what they can to make sure Miners and their families are well-taken care of. Any "Bans" set by the US Government (such as with Rubies from Myanmar) are strictly enforced. DESIGNER Jewelry - We carry several Brands as well as our own exclusive Rings, Pendants, Earrings and Brooches.
SOME OF THE BRANDS I CARRY: MOISSONITE- the most amazing alternative to Diamonds in not only White, but Pink, two shades of Green and as of November, 2016:  Red and Cognac!!! Many of the colors come in both modern as well as antique shapes ***CHISEL and EDWARD MIRELL- both carry a wonderful mix of Titanium Rings, Tungsten Rings, Stainless Steel Rings, Wedding Bands, Earrings, Pendants, Ceramic Wedding Rings,and Accessories ***WHITE ICE of LONDON - Sterling and Diamond Sparklers ***STACKABLES - over 200 different rings in sterling silver and precious gems that can be "stacked" together on your finger for wonderful variety and for every occasion!TWO of my EXCLUSIVE Designs: DIAPASON PENDANT - a "Tuning Fork" securely holding your favorite Gemstone. Safe and secure and able to mount almost any size and shape of gemstone you desire. The perfect way to "get in tune" in style! "THE POD" - think of a 'pea pod' with one, two or three gems held within its Naturally stunning shape. It's a great gift for a couple or a Mother and Daughter who are "like two peas in a pod"! PLEASE NOTE..... As I find "tension mounts" to be wonderful in their simplicity, I will be Showcasing more designs in the near future!
Having begun to draw upon my Native Roots once again, I have created an exclusive Series called "Horse Shieldsd". When the Plains people lived as nomadic hunters, daily Life and Spirituality were One. So, before going into Battle or before a Buffalo Hunt, they would paint the flanks of their horses with Symbols that would connect them to Power Animals or Power Spirits.Lightning or Rain might be used because a Thunderstom has tremendous Energy; or maybe a Wolf print for increased cunning and strength. Other Symbols were more personal such as vertical or horizontal stripes in specific colors.Each 'Shield' is created of Solid Sterling, hand-etched painted and then baked. I can also create your Personal Shield but remember these were not detailed nor perfect, They were meant to connect with the Powers for just that specific time and place.

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