THANK YOU for taking the time to visit our website! Anjevine Custom Jewelry has been in business in Denver since 1976. Our firm dedication is to honorable and ethical business practices and the use of "FAIR TRADE" Gems and Precious Metals. We offer: *Work in ALL Precious Metals: Platinum, Palladium, 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Deox Silver and Gold-filled. *A VERY diverse Gemstone and Diamond selection. * Rare and Unique Gems including our exclusive Anjevite. *Exclusive Designs including our own "Diapason Pendent". *Remounting of YOUR Gems and Diamonds into something new and refreshing. *Full Repair Services - from Antique to Modern, Precious to Costume. *Fully Insurance-acceptable Appraisals of any and all styles of jewelry for a reasonable cost. *A Gold Recycling Program that is second to none: We pay 76% of the 24K Value of your items OR We will give you 88% of 24K Value in credit towards something new! ***FUN! - We want you to know that creating something 'custom' is really a fun experience! You finally get to voice what you TRULY desire and have it made manifest into something you'll cherish for years. We make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered as fully as possible every step of the way. AND we are NOT 'pushy salespeople' so you can relax, laugh and enjoy the process:) SINCE 2014: we have been featuring a wonderful new local Artist: Becky Woo Designs - Turquoise, Aventurine, Drusy, Laramar and many more gems set with a Southwest flair. NEW FOR 2015: Jewelry is a great accessory to fashion. So we have added "Dragonfly Designs" as a new local Artist with her uniques hand-painted Silk Scarves and PMC jewelry to go with them AND the delightful beaded spectacle necklaces by "Jenny's Jewels".
Please visit us and see how we can turn your jewelry desires into Reality in a relaxed and fun atmosphere or provide you with something delightful, unique and exclusive that you can wear home!
William Gray-Designer/Jeweler/Owner

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